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When do you need to update your application?

You are responsible for updating your application information during the 30 day period of January 15 – February 15 and again during the period of July 15 – August 15. Failure to update your information during this time period will automatically drop you from the wait list. If you applied for the Low Rent Housing Program and your household consists of less than five individuals your Low Rent Housing wait list application will be dropped. We only have three and four bedroom homes. Your Housing Choice Voucher application will remain in place. Only the Low Rent Housing wait list application is dropped. You will be assigned a position based on your selected preference (if applicable), date, and time of application. The wait list is updated on the 5th business day of the month. Plano Housing Authority will not release any wait list information over the telephone. Click the Waiting Lists tab for more information about when we will accept applications and for contact information for other Housing Authorities.

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How does the Housing Authority help?

Plano Housing Authority operates two different types of programs: Public Housing and the Voucher program. Public Housing refers to the units that are owned by the Housing Authority directly. Plano Housing Authority owns 24 three and four bedroom single family homes scattered throughout Plano. The voucher program is the program most people have questions about. Plano Housing is authorized to assist up to 908 families through HUD funding. Additional families can port in to the agency as well. The operating jurisdiction is a 25 mile radius from the office. A map can be viewed by clicking the Portability tab at the top of this page.

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17th Annual Paul Gephart Fall Festival and Back to School Event

Come join us Saturday, August 22, 2015 from 10am – 2pm for the 17th Annual Paul Gephart Fall Festival and Back to School Event. We will be at the Salvation Army located at 3528 14th Street in Plano TX 75074. Raffle prizes and lunch will be provided. Come for the bounce house, games, and contests. We will also have free school supplies, backpacks and much more. Click the Read More button to see the flyer and RSVP.

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We are not accepting applications at this time.

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